Peer reviewed publications

*indicates undergraduate co-author

  1. R. L. Baker, W. F. Leong, S. Welch, J. N. Maloof, and C. Weinig. In prep. eQTL mapping reveals genetic mechanisms connecting co-expression network modeling and QTL approaches for estimating the genomic architecture of Function-Valued Traits during Brassica rapa development.
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  3. Rubin, M. J., M. T. Brock, R. L. Baker, K. Anderson, S. Wilcox, S. Davis, and C. Weinig.  Accepted pending revisions. Circadian rhythms are associated with shoot architecture and plant performance. New Phytologist.
  4. Baker, R. L., W. F. Leong, N. An, S. Welch, and C. Weinig. Accepted. Mapping and predicting non-linear Brassica rapa growth phenotypes based on Bayesian and frequentist  trait estimation. G3: Genes | Genomes | Genetics
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    • Selected for Commentary in New Phytologist. > > pdf
  11. Baker, R. L., E. Scherbatskoy*, C. Lay and P. K. Diggle. 2014. Developmental plasticity of shoot architecture: Morphological expression and ecologically relevant onset in locally adapted populations of Mimulus guttatus. International Journal of Plant Sciences 175(1):59-69. abstract | pdf
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  15. Noyes, R.D., R. Baker, and B. Mai*. 2007. Mendelian segregation for two-factor apomixis in Erigeron annuus (Asteraceae). Heredity 98:92-98. abstract | pdf

Technical/Non-indexed publications

  1. Baker, R. L., M. T. Brock, M. Rubin, J. Maloof, S. Welch, and C. Weinig. 2015. Mapping function valued traits in Brassica rapa. Wyoming Agricultural Experiment Station pp. 19-20.
  2. Baker, R. L. 2010. Use of the Scanning Electron Microscope. In P. Diggle, Plant Eco-Evo-Devo (pp 54-56).